Last day to register to vote is April 6, 2017






Alexandria Hull

Omar Nunez


Carol King

Early Voting Begins April 24, 2017

You May Vote for Three


De St.Aubin
Hello neighbors! I would like to ask for your vote for the position of Alderman for our town. I feel like I am more than qualified for this position and I believe that you elect your officials to be your voice in town matters, not to serve a personal agenda. I feel that aldermen should vote the way the people in town want you to vote, not against them. New Hope was incorporated to keep "big city" from swallowing us up and I think that most people in this town still want to be able to do as they please on their property, within reason. I have read our towns ordinances and, in my opinion, it needs to be reworked to fit our town instead of the various cities the different parts were copied from.

About me:
I am a lifetime Collin county resident and I moved to New Hope 13 years ago. I have been married to my wife, Cory, for 17 years and we have two children. I have been employed with the City of McKinney for 16 years. I am the Animal Control supervisor for McKinney. I am also a certified Code Enforcement Officer. I am very familiar with city ordinances and the enforcement of them.
I am usually very outgoing and I am not afraid to stand up for what the citizens want. If you want a voice on the town council consider voting for me and lets
Keep New Hope Normal!

Kelly Hughes
is a native Texan, a U.S. Military veteran, a committed Christian, and has lived in New Hope with his wife and children for over 12 years. He believes in the American responsibility to keep our country free by examining to the best of our ability the actions and character of our representatives, engaging with them as citizens, and looking for opportunities to serve. He believes in promoting personal liberty, limited government, limited taxation, and balanced budgets.

Town Council Alderman

Town of New Hope Election - Saturday, May 6, 2017

Town Council consists of 1 Mayor, 1 lawyer, and 5 aldermen.
Each term for Mayor and Aldermen lasts for 2 years.
Each year 3 of the Town Council member seats is open to election.
This year also has an additional seat that will be appointed, and not elected, by the Town Council.
The seats open for election this year, 2017, are Alex Hull, Carol King, and Omar Nunez. Kim Barrow's seat will be appointed. This seat is appointed as it was the seat vacated by the Mayor Pro Tem when he was appointed Mayor, so to keep on the 3 and 3 schedule for elections, this seat will be appointed this year and then next year will be up for regular election.

Town of New Hope enjoyed having Johnny Hamm as Mayor for over 25 years. He submitted his candidate form for the New Hope Mayoral election for 2016, but then had serious heart problems resulting in extended hospital care. He would never recover and passed away 2 days before election day. Up to that day, when citizens asked Alderman Jeff Herbst about whether they should vote for Johnny Hamm or his opponent, John Miller, Alderman Herbst said to vote for Johnny Hamm. Herbst said that he would work as Mayor Pro Tem in Johnny's place until Johnny was able to take his place as Mayor. Alderman Herbst admitted that he was not truthful concerning this and knew that Mayor Hamm would never recover. Mayor Hamm won the election and the Town Council appointed Alderman and Pro Tem, Jeff Herbst, as acting Mayor for a term of 2 years ending May 2018. In January 2017, Mayor Jeff Herbst announced to the Town of New Hope and to the media that he was transgender and would present himself as such to the public. A formal complaint has been submitted to the State Department of Elections since the person holding the Mayor office is not the same person the citizens of New Hope elected as Alderman or appointed as Mayor.

Web address if you would like to file a complaint to the Texas State Department of Elections.